An Interview with Caitlyn Begg, Ironman and President of YoungTri

1. How long have you been a triathlete?

I have been a triathlete for almost 10 years now! I’m currently the
Co-Captain of the Harvard Triathlon team, where I am a sophomore.

2. What excites you about triathlon?

There are SO many things that excite me about triathlon. I’ll list the
top three I can think of! First and foremost are the amazing people that
I’ve met through the sport through YoungTri. Second is the thrill of
competing – I don’t think it’ll ever get old! Third is that it’s a lifetime
sport – I plan on competing for as long as I possibly can. :)

3. Was Ironman Lake Placid 2013 your first Ironman race?

Yes, Ironman Lake Placid 2013 was my first Ironman race. I was 18! I
completed the race along with five of my other family members. A total of 8
Beggs will be completing Iron distance races this upcoming year, which
makes competing even more enjoyable!

4. What is YoungTri?

YoungTri ( is an organization that I founded in 2011 that
informs, engages, and connects young triathletes worldwide. Members can
connect through our weekly newsletter, member meetups, daily blog,
members-only Facebook group, and more. Members comprise of four age groups
– youth, high school, college, and beyond – as well as all levels (from 1st
time triathlete to pro). YoungTri is a large community of individuals from
different areas and experience levels united around a common passion –

5. How has it been going?

It’s been going quite well! We now have members from every state and 48
countries. We recently launched our worldwide ambassador program, through
which members are able to share their story, get others involved in the
YoungTri community and more. The YoungTri Vice President (Kaitlin Adams)
and I will be heading out to Marina Del Rey, CA next week for the Triathlon
Business International Conference – I will be speaking there about YoungTri
and youth triathlon in general!

I actually met Kaitlin through YoungTri in 2011. We connected through the
organization, met up at Ironman Lake Placid, and even though she is from
Florida we both ended up at colleges in Boston. We’re now best friends as
well as co-workers! I’ve met SO many close friends through YoungTri, and
the organization has truly changed my life in this respect! Recently, I’ve
also connected with YoungTri members in person from the West Point
Triathlon Team and ambassadors from NJ. I’m looking forward to meeting more
members soon!

6. What is your goal for YoungTri?

My goal for YoungTri is for it to continue to become the standard for
young triathletes to connect with each other around the world, as well as
to increase participation in the sport among young people. Wherever you go,
there’s always a YoungTri member to reach out to in the area to train with
and learn from! I have personal YoungTri friends that I’ve met in Florida,
North Carolina, Texas, California, and more – as well as many “virtual”
friends from Sweden, the United Kingdom, and other states/countries!

YoungTri is also a great medium through which triathletes can learn more
about the sport and other triathletes, get training tips, and share their
story (through our daily blog, weekly newsletter, and members-only Facebook
group). As a result of this, many young athletes have gotten involved in
the sport through YoungTri as well!

7. How can folks find you and get involved?

New YoungTri Members can sign up here: If members
are interested in our ambassador program, they can check out We’re also on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter